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Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH

Abstract Artist: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Delta, OH



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Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Cool Friends


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Cool Friends:

A whole new addition to my website...I thought it cool to share my world wide web space with many of the very cool people I've met and admire from my day-to-day adventuring.


Christina Howard-Summers

I'll just go ahead and proclaim here that Chris is my best friend and confidant. If you were to chat with her, Chris' accent would give her away as a born-n-bred yankee. Originally from Northwest Ohio, she's got humor that just won't stop and can roll with just about anything! Which might be directly related to the fact that she is a critical care nurse? She understands all-too-well that if it's not life threatening, no one is bleeding or no heart has stopped beating...what's the need for drama?  Probably a life-lesson we all could use a big dose of. Chris doesn't really care what other people think, she simply goes about life being Chris. Oh and I absolutely love that she's not afraid to drop an F-bomb whether simply for affect or just because! (Sometimes, cussing is just cool!) She's quick to cut the crap outta the topic at hand and tell you what's on her mind without any sort of sugar-coating. (LOVE this!) She reminds me of Rule #6 (Don't take life so seriously) every day, just by being herself. Chris has three children, Isaac 14, Isabella 16, and Hannah 21. She is a critical care RN. And yes, if you were wondering, she is my life-partner. We live on a farm in Northwest Ohio complete with chickens, turkeys, a cat and two dogs.


James Bowman

Cool Friend James Bowman, PhotographerJames is cool! But not just because we went to college together. We met primarily because I was good friends with his now wife, Candice. (She and I were both R.A.s together and now that I think about it...so was James. Funny to remember that all three of us were R.A.s together at the same fundamentalist Christian University.)
Anyway, I remember James as one who was questioning everything we were being taught back in those days. Conversations with him about Christianity were always introspective and he was always examining the fundamentalists rhetoric. It was looked down upon by the powers that be to question the teachings, yet James questioned for the right reasons. To get to the bottom of what the message was really about.
James was then and still is one of the most authentic people I know today. (So is Candice...which is likely why they make such a stellar couple!)
James said, "Unfortunately, American Evangelicals work from the assumption that (for some reason) God is still going to judge the world even though Jesus accepted the judgement on the cross. My goal is to help people grasp the idea that Jesus already took care of the judgement and left us free to love. Free to love all people."
James is now a stellar photographer working to capture the true essence of a moment. His work has been featured in BoHo magazine, The New York Times Online, and Martha Stewart Real Weddings blog.
James lives in North Carolina with his wife Candy and their four children, Emma, Ashton, Aidan and Elle.
To learn more about James see http://www.jamesbowmanphoto.com


Janice Cordle-Sumler

Cool Friend Janice Cordle-Sumler, ArtistJanice is painter. But not one that just dabbles here and there with painting...she is one of those artists that lives art, creating new works nearly every day!
In 1988, she entered the print industry, producing over 125 prints by 2002. Her work continues to be licensed on products for the marketplace.
In 1996, Janice began teaching and continues to teach classes and workshops. Her life’s work has been about seeing and painting the beauty of light, shapes and colors of nature and in so doing to uplift the spirit. Janice chooses to see the beauty of life and translates what she sees to paper or canvas.
I met Janice in 2001 through a mutual friend and have been captivated by her creative talent ever since. Known amongst her artist friends as "the great fixer" (meaning she can fix any painting that might have an area in it that's just not working).
Janice is probably best known among art collectors as a watercolor artist, yet she currently loves to work with acrylic paints on Yupo paper.
Cheers to you Janice for staying true to you and living your dream!

To learn more about Janice see http://www.janicesumler.com


Jai Johnson

Cool Friend Jai Johnson, ArtistOne of the most creative individuals I've ever met, Jai Johnson! And is it any wonder? She's been creating since early childhood!
"I'll never forget the moment when I heard my name on television. I was a mere five years old, and there was the host of Romper Room holding up my pumpkin drawing I'd mailed into the show. She said my name! She showed my art! And the journey began. I've never stopped creating. And I never will." -- Jai Johnson
I first spoke with Jai via a phone call. I was looking for local jewelry artists to feature in the Dickson Gallery and I'd heard she was a very talented artist so I rang her up one afternoon. I only had to hear her talk about her work to know she was definitely an artist I wanted to meet!
One of my many joys was to discuss and brainstorm art marketing ideas with Jai. (And we did so for hours!) In fact, I still use a book she wrote called "Marketing Miracle Phrases."
A painter, photographer, fine art jewelry artist, and overall brilliantly creative individual, Jai will always be in my mind as one of the most creative people I know! Thousands of her product designs are available for purchase on the web. 
To learn more about Jai see http://www.jaiart.com
To learn more about Jai's jewelry see http://www.jaisjewels.com


Daniel Liam Gill

Cool Friend Danial Liam Gill, ArtistI first met Daniel sort of accidentally on purpose. I was living in Chattanooga, TN at the time...and I was looking to expand my art collection.  But most specifically I was looking to add some original figurative work with class to my collection.  I walked into "My Color Gallery" on Frazier Ave in the North Shore area of Chattanooga and after speaking with Terry, the owner, she suggested that I schedule an appointment to view Daniel's work and consider a commission piece.  Oh MY Goodness!  I was NOT dissappointed.  I described what I was looking for and that piece now hangs about 5 feet from where I'm sitting as I write this.  I knew immediately after viewing Daniel's figurative work, that he was the artist who had the piece I was seeking in his creative mind. I had the privilege of attending his solo show prior to his return to Seattle, Washington and I now own not short of five of his originals and couldn't be happier!
To learn more about Daniel see http://www.danielliamgill.com


Carl Jones

Cool Friend Carl Jones, Food Artist, Ridiculous fruit carver!I met Carl Jones because of the Dickson Gallery of Fine Art.  From 2004 to 2007 while operating the Dickson Gallery in Jackson, TN we hosted a plethara of artist receptions, fundraisers and art related events that required catering. Which is where Carl Jones entered the picture. He owns and operates Premier Catering in Jackson, TN.
I remember countless hours excitedly discussing the possibilities and ideas of creating new events and how to make them WOW with food! Gosh, we could talk for HOURS about how food could be artistic at an event. Carl is by FAR the most passionately-creative man I've ever met when it comes to creating artistic presentation with food! He has also become an amazing fruit and vegetable carver which naturally puts POW into his catering events.
To learn more about Carl see http://www.carljonescarvings.com
To learn more about Premier Catering see http://www.premier-place.com


Beverly G. McCarter

Cool Friend Beverly G. McCarter, Artist, Architect/Designer of 3D Immersive Virtual SpacesI know Beverly primarily as an artist. When I first met Bev she had just finished an oil painting that explored the edge of chaos on human consciousness.
Bev has since taken a break from painting and now primarily focuses on the psychology of the avatar and virtual worlds. Pictured above is Bev next her her virtual world avatar, Bev Landar.
Most recently her work has been chosen as a finalist in the Army's upcoming 2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge: Engaging Learning for her Maya Astronomy Center, Phases 1 & 2; and the 2012 Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference - "Best Example of Educational Practices in a Virtual World" for Maya Island. Congratulations Bev!!!
To learn about Bev's art see http://www.gaymccarter.com
To learn about Human Mosaic Systems see http://www.humanmosaicsystems.com


Kelly Summersett

Cool Friend Kelly Summersett, Fitness GuruKelly is probably one of THE most positive people I know! Without a doubt she is passionate about being fit, so what better name to give herself and her business than "Fit by Kelly!"
Kelly Summersett is a fitness coach and motivational guru. Yet she's not you're typical drill sargeant, make-you-dread-your-workouts type of a coach. Nope. Kelly makes her clients laugh and forget they're actually working out, while they're attaining their own personal fitness goals! In fact, one of her own clients said, "Kelly knows how to enjoy life and find the pleasure in any challenge."

Need some uplifting motivation?
Click here to sign up for Kelly's "Motivational Monday" email!

Kudos to you Kelly for following your dream of personal fitness and for encouraging others to do the same for themselves!

To learn about Fit by Kelly see http://www.fitbykelly.com






Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Rachel Dickson: artist  |  writer  |  outdoor enthusiast
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