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Professional Voiceover Artist:

Book Rachel Dickson for your next voiceover project! 

Looking for a calming, yet strong female voice for your new voiceover project? Rachel Dickson can help!

Professional, reliable and a great story-teller, Rachel Dickson can deliver the tone, pacing and quality that your new human voice project requires.
The female voice that will bring your words to life is just a click away!


Quick Voiceover Demo Videos:

Rachel Dickson reading The beauty of a Tree

Rachel Dickson reading A Guest House

Rachel Dickson reading from Stillness Speaks







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About Rachel Dickson:

About Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comI'm HUGE fan of radio drama and storytelling! In fact, I've been an independent radio study and audio creator since I was 8 years old. Ever since my Dad gave my sister and I a cassette recorder to dabble around with...I've been hooked on anything to do with sound effects, voice-overs and audio dramatization.

I've come a long way since those early years now having published a podcast called "Conversations at the Council Tree," having hosted "Artisticly Speaking" on blogtalkradio.com and now reciting and narrative for authors and even commercial work.

My job as your voiceover artist is to create connection with your audience and draw attention to your intended goal. Whether this be telling your story or creating excitement around your latest product, I'm happy to help. Heart-driven storytelling has the power to influence, teach and inspire others and to make your message stick. I'd be honored to tell your story!

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Drone Videography:

Drone Videography by Rachel Dickson, www.racheldickson.comI'm HUGE fan of nature video of all sorts! And from this passion spurred an interest in aerial shots of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rocks, Rivers, Streams and anything that conveys the sheer beauty in the mountains of Western North Carolina that I now call home.

I fly a DJI Mini 3 Pro and I would be happy to film your aerial project whether that be for a construction site, real estate, industrial inspections or even events like weddings or community festivals.

Please send me your inquiry and description of what it is you're needing aerial images or video footage of and I'll be happy to send you a quote. I look forward to hearing from you.






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YouTube Channel:

Mountain Streams and Forest Rivers are an inspiration and a spiritual experience for me. And it's nothing short of exhilarating to film these natural flowing wonders. I've also discovered along the way that the SOUNDS of this flowing mountain water provides a level of relaxation and peaceful calm that we humans seek.  RDicksonOutdoors Youtube channel is a place where you'll find a collection of long-form (3 hrs or more) mountain stream videos as well and dozens and dozens of 15 seconds short videos all packed with the peaceful calm of natures soundscapes!

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Merch is here! Grab your favorite tshirt before it's gone!. The proceeds of these sales goes towards supporting production of Rachel's mountain stream sound and nature videos posted to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Thank you so much for your support!

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Women's Outdoor Skills Classes: Rachel Dickson: www.racheldickson.com, www.rachel-dickson.com, Web design, Jackson, TN Rachel Dickson: outdoor enthusiast  |  voiceover artist  |  creator  |  drone videographer
Hendersonville, NC


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